Why play baseball with Cardinals?


  • All our local games are played at the one location (Fred Finch Park, Berkeley) on a Sunday morning – so very family friendly (especially for multi-children families).
  • Games only go for 1hr or 1.5hrs.
  • The Cardinals club is one of biggest junior clubs in the Illawarra & has at least one team in every age group. We normally have multiple teams in the younger age groups & can provide good opportunities to match up friends/school buddies in the same team.
  • Playing baseball (t-ball) promotes the development of hand and eye co-ordination and gross motor skills.
  • Provides interaction and develops communication skills in a team environment
  • Boys and girls play in mixed teams
  • Modified games to suit all ages and skill levels (T-Ball/Machine Ball U7-U10’s & Baseball U12-U16’s).
  • Baseball in an international sport played in over 120 countries.
  • Baseball has a rich history in Australia dating back 160 years to the Victorian Gold Rush
  • Baseball’s Claxton Shield is the second oldest Australian national sporting shield.
  • The Australian men’s baseball team were silver medallists in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
  • In March 2014 the opening Major League (MLB) game was played at the SCG (Sydney).


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